Know the whereabouts and conditions of your goods at every point
of the way.

Whether transporting goods on a train, truck, or combined transport, see where your cargo is, what conditions it is in, and whether it has been delivered. You have the possibility to dynamically change your delivery slot to fit the arrival time better.

Our solution can help you with instant real-time visibility during the whole journey of your cargo. Receive the exact location with one-way trackers, instant alerts with electronic seals, and sensor monitoring updates.

Smart IoT device provides click-and-go solution whether on sea, road, rail, or combined mode of transport. With data analytics and prescriptive solutions, you can reduce your supply chain inefficiencies and react quickly, in real-time, to any issue your cargo faces to its destination.

Ensure successful delivery of your overland freight with Hive-Zox. We provide cMaaS with real-time visibility and data to eliminate your supply-chain inefficiencies.


Overland Freight and Supply Chains

There has been continuous growth in consumer markets; correspondingly, there has been an increase in rail and road cargo. The World Economic Forum is expecting road freight demand to triple by 2050. Despite the effects of the pandemic, this mode of freight transportation has been and will remain relevant for many years.

Whether you are in a cold chain industry, FMCGs, perishable goods, or in the luxury goods industry, the safety of your cargo is essential. With the Hive-Zox solution, you can know the conditions of your supply chain continuously throughout the good’s journey.

Inventory visibility will prevent loss and shortages and reduce relocation costs. Another benefit of increased real-time visibility is improved customer satisfaction; you are optimizing your supply chain and easing the transportation process.

Improve your ROI throughout your supply
chain. Eliminate anomalies.

Benefits of our solution

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Low-cost solution

There are no hidden costs

Real-time monitoring

Know where your container is

Instant Alerts

Getting information instantly when
the seal is broken


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