Real-time Traceability and Visibility in the Supply Chain

Enjoy yet another episode of the Logistics Tribe dedicated to the topic of IoT-enabled real-time traceability and visibility in the supply chain. Podcast guests are Miro Skorepa and Charles Bourbonnais, Co-CEOs of HIVE-ZOX company, that enables seamless, autonomous, low-cost real-time tracking of objects in your supply chain. Down to the item level. Something that is …

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Parasitic Theft

In the coming months, hundreds of millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines will be delivered by trucks, planes, ships and trains to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies around the world. The INTERPOL Orange Notice outlines potential criminal activity in relation to the falsification, theft and illegal advertising of COVID-19 and flu vaccines, with the pandemic having …

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corona virus logistics

Vaccine logistics

The WHO has reported that more than 50% of vaccines goes to waste every year worldwide due to lack of or failing of cold chain infrastructure during logistics and shipment related activities.  According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), around 25% of vaccines are spoiled and rendered useless upon arrival at destination due to incorrect …

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Valuable Partnership

Businesses are likely to outsource to third-party logistics (3PL) companies more than ever, providing services which include: online ordering, returns processing, product assembly, documentation and inventory management. By offering these services, third-party logistic partnerships become more valuable as a result. However, if 3PLs are bound to succeed, they will have to specialize in a higher …

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Tracking the Brexit

As the discussion about the “No Deal” Brexit is resurfacing again, the fundamental question remains, Are you ready for it?  One of the most important aspects of the trade agreement will have an impact on physical logistics, you will need more than ever the information about the whereabouts of your cargo; congestion will be at …

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IoT and Visibility

Supply Chain managers say that tracking and tracing products is a nightmare with the level of transparency today. Shippers can ship their products across the globe, but they lack key data about shipment location and status as packages move from port to port. This lack of transparency is a mounting challenge that affects efficiency and …

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