LTL – shipping single pallets

What visibility do you expect when shipping a single pallet? It is not the same as when shipping full truck loads. Do you expect to only know where the truck is? What about when it is off the truck, in a warehouse or even the conditions of the products on the pallet?

It’s no secret that LTL pallet shipments are not only less than a truckload they are also less than accurate! This IS the cause of a lot of problems when it comes to customer satisfaction, cost and predictability. 

Our solution to track and monitor in real time every pallet in the network will enhance your inventory visibility and predictability of your shipments. You no longer need to estimate your time to delivery, you can tell exactly where the shipment is, in which condition it is and issue an instant POD. With our solution you will:

  • Improve you customer satisfaction 
  • Save cost and enable rest of the chain to perform
  • Make highly precise ETA 

ROI will be instant as our solution does not break the bank.

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