The Post-Pandemic Supply Chain

Future of supply chain and specially sourcing options will be fundamentally changed. It will not be business as usual for global companies, it will not be business as usual for consumers. The Corona virus has changed the way we perceive the world and it changed it forever, or at least until the fear is over.  Do not be naive in thinking that businesses will not pay attention to the cost site of transactions and not try to find the best value on the market, but… But Governments and consumers will be pushing us hard to provide what can be called “risk free” or “de-risked” supply chains.  People will be looking more at where the products are coming from, Governments will be creating an environment for manufacturers to start on-shoring  or near-shoring  of production. Hopefully it will be with tax benefits and not customs tariffs, but it will also change how to look at the origin of products. When some products have components from different regions, what % of components will be allowed to be sourced from foreign regions and maintain the “local” stamp – think Swiss watches – and their own, manufacturer, requirements. Companies will be looking to where risks might occur with new optics, dual sourcing from 2 Chinese factories located in the same industry park is no longer considered diversification. Omni sourcing from different regions is the right answer to this riddle and the key component to manage this complex situation is visibility! Real time visibility will be the new norm for your supply chain and all their components. And even then the traditional way, as done today, will not be enough. The new generation of mobile IoT will emerge and provide unparalleled visibility with the scale and cost being affordable even for products which have been left in the dark until today.

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