End to End (E2E) real-time visibility with today’s extended supply chains is crucial for organizations. The consequences of supply failures, non-conformity or quality issues, and fraud could put company profitability or survival at risk.

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 15, 2020
Real-time end-to-end visibility and monitoring of the global supply chain

Three current supply chain issues

  1. On average, supply chain disruptions can reduce shareholder value by 7% 1
  2. Noncompliance and quality issues can have extensive costs, financially and for the company image. It can, in some cases, result in dramatic financial impact causing company bankruptcy.
  3. The fraud issue is affecting 66% of North American companies, 77% of European companies, and increasing yearly, reaching up to 4% of annual revenue lost for 10% of the companies.2 More than 20% of all incidents led to losses greater than $1M. The median time for detection was 18 months, with a range average of 12 to 36 months.3

The actual discovery process and right data diagnostic remain NOT fully automated for 98% of the companies. For 60%, it even remains fully or mostly manual. 3

Hive-Zox Tracker E2E Supply Chain Visibility Vision

Tasks Flow: Who, What, When, and Where?

A Supply Chain performance is essential to ensure that the right product is in the right place at the right time and price.

The real-time visibility on the logistical movements of a product, the decision to purchase or produce all the way until the end of the warranty is essential to assess the risks of any delay compared to the projected schedule, or to correct a manufacturing defect upon detection, to ensure the authenticity of the product and ensure its traceability, detected attempted load diversion, following convoy in real-time, to ensure that the product arrives at the right destination, be certain that the product is offered for sale in defined conditions, monitor sales in real-time, identify and authenticate the product until the end of the warranty.

Supply Chain Visibility requires entering information at every stage of the process and for each status change of the product.

Hive-Zox Tracker allows direct data entry into the centralized cloud database and imports data directly from the data system of the user. It is also possible to export the necessary data for a requested supply chain actor directly to its management system.

Hive-Zox Tracker allows tracking for each item according to its unique code. The product is followed from its early packaging stage in order to know which item is in which box, pallet and container.
This tracker also enables the management of specific data such as temperature, humidity, light, pressure, shock, vibration, movement, etc. equipping each pallet, box, or product with remote sensors. The data collected by the sensors can be transmitted in real-time if they are connected to a BEEconIoT, ComBox, or collected by reading the memory sensor during receiving control/inspection.

The product monitors the real-time movements of a container or transport vehicle, receives real-time positions, and monitors if it deviates from the planned route. Additionally, it alerts users if the container or van is opened or if a sensor transmits an alarm.

Finally, Hive-Zox Tracker is a fully autonomous system using M-IoT communication networks placed on the goods/box/pallets, containers, or transport vehicles with sensors detecting any attempt to sabotage/theft, environmental condition deviation, and much more.

Valentina Battolla
Hive Marketing Lead

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