Valuable Partnership

Businesses are likely to outsource to third-party logistics (3PL) companies more than ever, providing services which include: online ordering, returns processing, product assembly, documentation and inventory management. By offering these services, third-party logistic partnerships become more valuable as a result. However, if 3PLs are bound to succeed, they will have to specialize in a higher number of services in order to prove themselves as a premium partner while utilizing advancements in technology.

Previously customers booked shipments and received an expected delivery data. They were and often still are left in the dark. Modern shipment tracking systems now allow customers and recipients to track the whereabouts of their cargo 24/7 – enhancing both user experience and the overall supply chain system. Accuracy of GPS devices, interconnectivity between online systems and different technologies used in supply chains allow for increased productivity and, as a result, more satisfied customers.

Hive-Zox International provides next generation supply chain solutions for visibility and monitoring in real-time to be your premium and valuable partner.

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