Improve logistics throughput, reduce costs, waste, and loss of air freight

A package in an airport HUB or cross-docking needs its environmental conditions; temperature, humidity, light, shock, tilt, movement, and pressure, to be monitored. ​

​If the package becomes lost it needs to be found immediately to avoid further issues, such as degradation. ​

​Our smart IoT device provides a click-and-go solution for air cargo. Protect from loss, theft, or out-of-range conditions, confirming the integrity and timeliness of your deliveries. It could not be simpler.​

Instant resolution and predicting events are going to have a major impact on your customer satisfaction as well as a positive impact on your bottom line.​

Ensure efficient delivery of your air freight with Hive-Zox. We provide cMaaS with real-time visibility and data to eliminate your supply-chain inefficiencies.​


Air Freight and Supply Chains

Our products are air-cargo approved. Tracking air freight with the proper IoT-powered sensors allows for quality control, end-to-end visibility, and an overall safer supply chain. Research has shown that a 12% of companies’ overall costs are related to logistics and that 50% of those costs are generated by transportation.

Companies are increasing the value of transparency and ease when knowing the location of their shipments. Real-time information aids to quickly anticipate problems, efficiently deal with exceptions, and ensures a happier end-customer.

Our devices track and monitor air freight by providing updates on the environmental conditions of your cargo while in the air, as well as its location. Additionally, Hive-Zox products are fully compliant with regulatory compliance FDA CFR 21 Part 11, EudraLex Annex 4 Part 11, maintaining accurate data and audit trails.

Increase cargo safety and traceability with
Hive-Zox. Never lose visibility again.

Benefits of our solution

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Exception management

Focus only on the issues

Independently programmable

Automatically through scanning a barcode

Monitoring everything

Temperature, humidity, light, shock, movement, pressure and altitude

Live data

Receive updates at your
scheduled time


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