Real-time visibility and monitoring of luxury products will ensure quality, compliance, and product safety.

Whether it be in the retail, tobacco, wine & spirits, or car industry, luxury cargo crime has been on the rise. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, cargo theft increased due to port congestions and lockdowns leaving cargo sitting idle and exposed to theft.
Luxury and other valuable goods deserve proper protection during handling throughout transport and storage to ensure their security. Therefore, real-time visibility, tracking, and multi-censored ambient monitoring are essential.
Nothing is more damaging to your brand image than fakes and parallel markets with stolen goods. Luxury goods are prone to theft in the supply chain, and it is causing billions of losses per year.
Ensure successful delivery of your luxury goods with Hive-Zox. We provide cMaaS with real-time visibility and data to eliminate your supply-chain inefficiencies.


Luxury Goods and Supply Chains

Recent statistics have shown that the revenue generated worldwide by the luxury goods market in 2022 is about $313 billion and is expected to grow 5.40% annually. The same year, 21% of the total revenues were generated through online sales. Therefore, the visibility and traceability of these products are of utmost importance.

This industry is known for its long and complex supply chains. A single supply chain uncertainty can cause a large domino effect that affects all players in the industry. The Hive-Zox solution allows for quick response time and decision-making in case of any issues. This includes damages, tampering, or even a breach in the environmental condition of the goods (shock, humidity, etc.).

Shed light on blind spots with Hive-Zox.
Eliminate anomalies.

Benefits of our solution

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Reduced Theft

Maintain price integrity with
less product on grey markets

Improved reputation

Increased customer confidence

Instant Alerts

Getting information instantly
if your cargo is compromised


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