Assure a successful first and last mile in the supply chain.

In FMCG industries, it is important to provide the right product to the right customers, at the right time; the first mile is just as important as the last. Knowing the whereabouts of your cargo is a key component of modern supply chains. The cumulative amount of time containers are idling in ports, or transition points is mounting.

With each extra day your cargo is in transit your safety stock level increases and your customer service satisfaction decreases. Improving supply chain visibility allows you to receive an exact Proof of Delivery (POD), which has a direct impact on your ability to issue invoices to your customers and, therefore, shorten your cash receivables period.

Ensure successful delivery of your FMCG with Hive-Zox. We provide cMaaS with real-time visibility and data to eliminate your supply-chain inefficiencies.


FMCGs and Supply Chains

FMCG are often perishable, cyclical, or need cold chain storage in order to ensure their quality. Therefore, predictability of your supply chain is necessary for accurate forecasting.

Furthermore, as proven by the pandemic, supply chains need to be able to handle unforeseen challenges. That is why flexibility and agility are essential characteristics in logistics.

Additionally, protecting goods while in transit is a critical component of modern logistics. With a low-cost device, and 24/7 help desk solving the alerts, your supply chain can improve and deliver bottom-line savings. Real-time visibility and monitoring of your products will ensure quality, compliance, and product safety.

Maintain products in their prime conditions.
Never spoil a shipment again.

Benefits of our solution

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Quick response

Have instant reactivity and decision-making
in case of damages and tampering

Improved reputation

Increased customer confidence

Reduced Costs

Lower chances of theft, legal costs,
and claims


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