All pharmaceutical products need to be tracked and monitored according to most regulatory standards.

These are highly sensitive supply chains that require continuous monitoring. Some products are sensitive only to temperature, while others are sensitive to humidity, shock, tilt, or other events.
Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, Biologics, and Personalized Medicine are time sensitive and fragile, and knowing their exact location, conditions, and arrival time are vital.
No matter the reasons, monitoring the conditions of the products will provide assurance to the manufacturer and the patient that the product being used is safe and compliant.

Ensure successful delivery of your pharmaceutical products with Hive-Zox. We provide cMaaS with real-time visibility and data in order to eliminate your supply-chain inefficiencies.


Pharma Industry and Supply Chains

Pharmaceutical shipments spoilt, damaged, or late can cost much more than monetary loss. These cargos are time-sensitive, condition-sensitive, and many times life-sensitive.

When a consignment does not reach its destination on time and in good condition, the patient is at risk. The manufacturers and shippers transporting pharmaceutical items are responsible to ensure quality and authenticity to meet safety standards.

The main cold chain visibility solutions for pharma are carrier-based data integration and passive temperature data loggers. These solutions cannot deliver accurate and timely visibility.

To meet the required quality standards, you need complete real-time, accurate visibility of the shipment and the products all the time, in transit and storage.

Do not put the patients at risk,
Never lose visibility again.

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