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Our cMaaS is a complete vertically integrated all-inclusive solution to offer an automated and seamless approach to Real Time monitoring of products.


Temperature, Humidity, Light, Shock, Tilt, Vibration, Movement, Pressure, Altitude and Acceleration


Immediate updates in case of excursions, alarms or events

24/7 visibility

Product visibility from first to last mile and everything in between

Temperature Range

Operating range from -30°C to +60°C and External Temperature Probe -200°C to +125°C

How it works

connected Monitoring as a Service

Our cMaaS is a complete vertically integrated, all-inclusive solution to offer an automated
and seamless approach to real-time monitoring of products. Our cMaaS is threefold:


Proprietary IoT devices capture data through programmable sensors, storing over 30’000 measurements. Adjust Each product by scanning their barcode.


Data is transferred through encrypted communications including precise locations through next-generation mobile IoT communication protocols.


The Cloud platform provides one platform for all your needs. All data is accessible on demand with prescriptive analytics to improve logistical throughputs and ROI.


Our cMaaS is offered in Active Real Time.

Our cMaaS provides real-time visibility from the moment our IoT devices are attached to the shipment or products and continue across all lanes until their final destination

Active real-time
Active real-time
Provides continuous in-journey updates and immediate alarms.
Alarms & notifications
Alarms & notifications
Alarms for excursions, events, or going off route are sent immediately to stakeholders for quick decision-making.
Report analysis
Report analysis
At the destination, shipment reports provide the essential data for fast release, improving logistical throughput.
Mobile application
Mobile application
In case of no connection our devices continue to store and capture data, which are uploaded to our cloud-platform.


Keys benefits

Why you should choose
Hive-Zox’s connected Monitoring as a Service (cMaaS)

No added procedures

Click & Go

Significant Time Saving

Granularity of Data

Instant Alarms

Reduced Loss

Cost Saving



Use cases

Converting market opportunities into innovatives services

Ocean Freight
OVERVIEW Increase real-time visibility when the container is on the way to the port…
Air Freight
OVERVIEW Improve logistics throughput, reduce costs, waste, and loss of air freight…
Land Freight
OVERVIEW Know the whereabouts and conditions of your goods at every point of the wa…
Pharma & Life Science
OVERVIEW All pharmaceutical products need to be tracked and monitored according to …
OVERVIEW Assure a successful first and last mile in the supply chain. In FMCG …
Luxury Goods
OVERVIEW Real-time visibility and monitoring of luxury products will ensure quality…

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