Imagine being able to catch a thief in the act within just 2 hours! That’s exactly what Hive-Zox accomplished with their comprehensive solution that provides end-to-end visibility and real-time data monitoring at the item level. 

This blog presents a case study in which a customer sought assistance from Hive-Zox in tracking stolen photo-traps.

Towards the end of 2021, a university in Prague approached Hive-Zox with a special request for assistance. They were experiencing regular thefts of photo-traps placed in a forested area. The relatively high price of approximately 330 USD for each photo-trap, led to the suspicion of targeted thefts. The objective of this intriguing project was to monitor the photo-traps.

Actions expected:

– Detect if a photo-trap unexpectedly leaves the designated area so that the customer can promptly respond to the theft.

– Continuously real-time data monitoring the current location of the stolen photo-trap after it has left the designated area.

To minimize development costs for the customer, Hive-Zox proposed modifying the hardware of existing tracking devices.

Hive-Zox then set up all the necessary components for a rapid response to any theft. Consequently the monitoring of the photo-traps commenced once the platform linked the geofencing around the area.

The tracking device would immediately notify Hive-Zox when a photo-trap was moving from the geofenced area. Therefore it would subsequently transmit its current location to the platform. This ensured that Hive-Zox could promptly react to the situation.

Successful resolution:

Within the first few days of placing the photo-traps in the field, the tracking device triggered an alert. Which was indicating that one of the photo-traps was in motion and moving away from the designated area.
Hive-Zox promptly contacted the customer. Who told them that he was already going to the area thanks to the platform alert.
They had already informed the police.

Thanks to this swift action, the police was able to catch the thief. In addition to that the entire process, took no longer than 2 hours:

7:35 AM / An alert goes off on the platform notifying that the photo-trap is leaving the designated area.

At 7:56 AM, as the Hive-Zox representative contacted the customer, the client confirmed that he was already en route to the area due to the platform alert.

8:00–⁠9:00 AM / The customer is able to locate the suspect in the field due to the continuous transmission of coordinates from the tracker. Then he was able to record the license plate number of their vehicle.

9:00 AM / The customer promptly reports the incident to the police. The police then manage to identify him.

9:35 AM / The police apprehends the suspect.

It’s also about optimizing resources and reducing losses:

This thrilling real-time data monitoring success story solved the mysterious case of the stolen photo-traps. But also showcased the immense value of such solutions for universities and logistics experts alike. 

Hive-Zox, with their expertise in supply chain and logistics, devised a brilliant plan. They used modified tracking devices and geofencing technology to monitor the photo-traps. By implementing these smart solutions, Hive-Zox revolutionized the game, turning the tables on the thief and catching them red-handed.

It’s not just about identifying and catching the culprits, it’s also about optimizing resources and reducing losses. Hive-Zox made sure to save their customer costs in the development phase itself. Rather than creating the hardware solution from scratch, they repurposed an existing tracking device. This not only ensured long battery life and GPS localization but also included an accelerometer. Which is a crucial feature for real-time data monitoring and movement tracking. By harnessing these capabilities, Hive-Zox managed to keep the project cost-effective while delivering outstanding results.

The teamwork and coordination between Hive-Zox and the University were crucial for this fast and efficient operation. Hive-Zox placed strategically in the field the photo-traps using precise GPS coordinates. The geofencing technology acted as an invisible shield, creating a virtual perimeter around the photo-traps’ location. Any movement beyond this defined area triggered an instant alert, enabling swift action.

It didn’t take long for the tracking device to spring into action. The alarms sounded within the first few days of the installation. As one of the photo-traps began to move, leaving its designated area. The Hive-Zox platform immediately notified the customer, who wasted no time in initiating the necessary steps to apprehend the thief. This timely response was key to successfully identifying the suspect in just under 2 hours.

From a notification at 7:35 AM, to the customer contacting the police at 9:00 AM. The sequence of events unfolded like a gripping Agatha Christie thriller. The suspect’s vehicle details were recorded. Setting the stage for the police to take swift action and bring the thief to justice.

This remarkable triumph showcases the tremendous potential of real-time monitoring and visibility solutions. The Prague garden mystery in Prague was eraveled. Which also proves that these technologies can tackle a wide range of problems, including reducing theft in shipping goods. When every second counts, having complete end-to-end visibility at the item level can save valuable resources, time, and money. 

Hive-Zox’s Real-time Data Monitoring Solutions: A Game-Changing and Flexible Solution for All

In today’s rapidly evolving world, businesses face a constant need to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. So having a flexible solution that can easily be tailored to meet clients’ needs has become an absolute necessity. Hive-Zox, a leading provider of innovative solutions, understands this challenge and has emerged as a game-changer in the market.

What sets Hive-Zox apart from its competitors is the remarkable flexibility of its solutions. Whether it’s the intricate demands of large enterprises or the specific requirements of small businesses. This adaptability plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting their unique needs.

Furthermore, Hive-Zox’s solutions are not limited to a single industry or application. They have successfully designed their products to cater to a diverse range of sectors. These include Life Sciences & Healthcare, Perishables, High Valued Goods and more. This versatility positions Hive-Zox as an invaluable partner, capable of transforming any business regardless of its scope or nature.

One noteworthy example of Hive-Zox’s flexible solutions can be seen in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry. In today’s digital era, healthcare providers are under immense pressure to streamline their operations and enhance patient care. Hive-Zox’s intelligent solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing healthcare organizations with the tools they need to succeed.

The game-changing aspect of Hive-Zox’s solutions cannot be overstated. By offering flexibility and adaptability, they empower clients to unlock their full potential and embrace the ever-changing business landscape. Gone are the days of rigid solutions that fail to address individual needs. Hive-Zox’s holistic approach ensures that their clients receive their solutions that align perfectly with their objectives. These can be applied for one field and they can be reused also for other types of shipments.

In conclusion:

Hive-Zox’s solutions are more than just another offering in the market. They represent a fundamental shift in how businesses approach technology. With their unwavering focus on versatility, Hive-Zox has become the go-to choice for organizations seeking to remain competitive. Whether it’s revolutionizing healthcare or any other industry, Hive-Zox is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, one solution at a time.

Trust Hive-Zox to be your partner in logistics, catering to all your supply chain needs with unparalleled efficiency and efficacy. Don’t let thieves have a field day – choose Hive-Zox real-time data monitoring solutions and stay one step ahead in the game!

July 17, 2023
Michela Veneri
Communication Manager

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