The Automated Monitoring of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Shipments and Delivery: Addressing Challenges, Creating Opportunities

In today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape, the automated monitoring of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Shipments and Delivery is crucial.
Imagine this scenario: A patient urgently requires a life-saving medication. However, due to logistical mishaps or late-stage changes, the medication arrives late or, worse, in the wrong place. The consequences could be catastrophic. 
Ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of life-saving medications is paramount. Challenges in logistics and supply chain management can lead to devastating consequences if not addressed effectively. 

The Rise of Automated Data Monitoring in Pharma Supply Chain Logistics

Checking and maintaining ideal environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock, and tilt is becoming critical, especially for pharmaceutical, and healthcare.  That is why the Cold Chain Logistics industry is rapidly embracing a more data-driven monitoring approach. Everyone is aiming for active, automated, and accurate data!
With regulatory authorities demanding top-quality and dependable products, businesses are turning to innovative solutions to streamline their operations. By using efficient data monitoring to comply with regulations, businesses across any sector, can potentially save thousands of dollars annually.

Hive-Zox: A Pioneer in Real-Time Monitoring  

Hive-Zox has been at the forefront of this automation revolution with its cMaaS (connected Monitoring as a Service) proprietary solution. Products like the Hive Platform, Real-time IoT devices, and Active Trackers provide accurate and real-time data monitoring during shipments.  Hive-Zox’s products can be easily set up, programmed, and tailored to specific shipments on-demand. Professionals can track and manage real-time data in one centralized platform as well as easily integrated to the client’s existing platform, where all the up-to-date information on their shipments resides. 

The ConnectedLabel: A Cost-Effective Automated Monitoring Solution  of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Shipments and Delivery

In addition to its core products, Hive-Zox’s ConnectedLabel was launched last year at LogiPharma in Lyon. The company recognized the need to replace outdated USB Dataloggers and bridge the divide between passive and real-time data tracking. USB loggers had become obsolete, as they required waiting for results due to the need for manual intervention. The goal was to provide a more agile and cost-effective solution. A quicker temperature report for quality assurance.  

Hive-Zox’s brilliant R&D and Firmware teams restlessly worked on creating a device simpler and less expensive than IoT devices. The resulting ConnectedLabel is compact, about the size of a business card, making it easily deployable in boxes or on pallets.  

The development of the ConnectedLabel was the outcome of rigorous testing and valuable client feedback, resulting in a user-friendly single-use application suitable for various business scenarios within pharmaceuticals. This would have benefited both the supplier all the way to the patient.  

This innovation was believed to revolutionize supply chain management and risk mitigation. And since its official launch, the response to the ConnectedLabel has been phenomenal!  

Benefits of the ConnectedLabel 

The ConnectedLabel offers numerous advantages, including: 

Smarter Monitoring Solution: The ConnectedLabel enables active data collection, making it easier to upload and consolidate data at any point during your journey, rather than just at the end.  

Compact Design: This credit card-sized device features a digital screen for validation, offering convenience and portability for seamless monitoring.  

Sustainable Operation: Boasting a zinc-based battery with a 1-year operating life and shelf life, the ConnectedLabel promotes sustainability while providing consistent performance.  

Customizable Functionality: With a powerful chip allowing for multiple programming levels, users can define specific thresholds for status changes, ensuring accuracy and control. 

User-Friendly Interface: Connect effortlessly via BLE & NFC, and utilize the intuitive MobileApp to manage shipments, upload data to the cloud, and generate fast, consolidated reports for QA (Quality Assurance) and product owners. No more hassle of plugging into laptops or PCs! 

Reusable Design: Designed for one-time use, the ConnectedLabel can be reused multiple times during its operating life, reducing costs and environmental impact. 

Extended Temperature Range Capability: Operating from -30C to +60C, enabling monitoring of frozen, cold, and ambient shipments. This ensures reliable performance in a wide range of environmental conditions, safeguarding the integrity of products during transportation.

Real-Time Location Tracking: Each upload captures location data, providing precise visibility into the product’s whereabouts throughout the journey. 

Comprehensive Monitoring Features: From temperature monitoring to air safety, visual alarms to a mobile app, Bluetooth, NFC compatibility, and 1-year battery life, the ConnectedLabel offers a versatile solution for all your tracking needs. 

Enhance Your Supply Chain with Hive-Zox 

If optimizing your operations, from production to patient, sounds like something you are interested in, drop us a message. We look forward to helping you maximize your supply chain and logistics efforts with our innovative monitoring solution. Click here to contact us 

ConnectedLabel: Simplifying Monitoring, Maximizing Control 
March 27, 2024
Michela Veneri
Communication Manager

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