Today Swiss HiveTracker and ZOXtracker, two leading supply-chain technology companies providing real-time location and conditions monitoring, announced a joint service operation company, Hive-Zox International S.A., to multiply synergies and scale up operations and commercialization capabilities.

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 15, 2020
Real-time end-to-end visibility and monitoring of the global supply chain

The Joint Venture will commercialize….

The joint venture (JV) will commercialize an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that offers real-time end-to-end visibility and monitoring of the global supply chain, from the factory to end-user, at the product ID level, and all at an affordable cost. Through an all-inclusive solution comprising proprietary data capture technology, encrypted data transfer, and a platform providing prescriptive analytics. The solution greatly increases automation within supply chains leading to a significant reduction of damages, losses, and theft and a significant increase in logistical throughput to the benefit of all manufacturers and logistics companies by increasing their ROI and to consumers by ensuring product compliance and quality.

“Especially today, we are even more acutely aware of the need to have full visibility throughout the entire supply chain. This is only possible through continuous and automatic tracking and monitoring of shipments and products. We are delighted to conclude this JV with ZOXtracker. They share our philosophy of providing seamless and autonomous digital solutions that are easy to use and improve public safety on products. We can now offer every industry one solution for all of their tracking and monitoring needs globally and at every level of shipment, from container to product ID, from first to the last mile, and everything in between, and all this at a low cost

Charles Bourbonnais,

CEO & Co-Founder, HiveTracker.

“Digitization of supply chain is both necessary and inevitable. Our solution digitizes the blind spots in the supply chain and enables our customers to benefit from increased visibility, and helps them achieve a sustainable solution whether on land, air, or ocean. Together with HiveTracker, we will be stronger and even better positioned to achieve our goals.” said Miro Skorepa, Executive Chairman of ZOXtracker.

About HiveTracker:

HiveTracker S.A. is a Swiss logistics technology start-up that has innovated a cloud-based platform solution offering connected Monitoring as a Service (cMaaS) for global supply chains, from end-to-end at the product (ID) level in real-time; tracking, identifying, and monitoring environmental conditions of transportation and storage at the product level from the first mile to last mile and everything in between, providing 24/7 visibility. Our cMaaS is a complete vertically integrated solution incorporating next-generation Mobile-IoT networks to offer a fully automated and seamless approach to monitoring products. With HiveTracker, clients reduce costs, reduce waste, guarantee products and ensure public safety. Join HiveTracker on LinkedIn or visit

About ZOXtracker:

ZOXtracker A.S. is a Czech technology company created as a spin-off of mobile communication company Zox Call A.S. The ZOXtracker solution is a tracking solution for the ocean and multimodal logistics utilizing GSM networks to track the real-time position of the cargo on a global scale. The SaaS service is offered at an incomparable low cost with simplicity.

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 15, 2020
Valentina Battolla
Hive Marketing Lead

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