Tracking the Brexit

As the discussion about the “No Deal” Brexit is resurfacing again, the fundamental question remains, Are you ready for it? 

One of the most important aspects of the trade agreement will have an impact on physical logistics, you will need more than ever the information about the whereabouts of your cargo; congestion will be at each and every port and border crossing not only in UK but also in the EU.  Information regarding location of your cargo from your freight forwarder will be under scrutiny as it is not possible to go and check every truck and pallet. 

So how about equipping your truck and goods with a tracking and monitoring device? It will let you know the exact position of your truck and goods in real time, have you reached customs or left customs, you will be able to track every movement and on top of that you can add the visibility of conditions inside the truck, container and warehouse. We can offer you a very affordable solution with lasting battery life. We will not be able to move your cargo faster but we will give you the most valuable information to act quickly and increase your logistical throughput.

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